Photo by Sam Rodell | Architect

Photo by Sam Rodell | Architect

Unleashed Online Media is proud to announce their move into a dynamic workspace in Kendall Yards. Located in the new Inlander building, the Unleashed offices are the first to be located directly on the Centennial Trail expansion.  With architectural and design services provided by Sam Rodell, the Trailside Suite is inspired by the natural beauty of the area and Unleashed’s innovative approach to online advertising.

Chris Reilly, CEO, states “Our business is a mix of technology and humanity. Our team brings cutting-edge, digital solutions to agencies, marketers, and consumers. Using the proximity of the river and our business model, Rodell integrated digital and organic concepts in the space.”

Photo by Shallan Knowles

Photo by Shallan Knowles

Throughout the studio there are towers that radiate with live micogreens that are grown for juicing, interspersed with home-made electronic projects that are both art and science. The space also balances a dual need for privacy and collaboration with custom-built workstations that take full advantage of the amazing views and rich sunlight in the suite.

Reilly states,“Online advertising requires weeding and watering just like growing a plant. You cannot neglect a campaign for six months and hope to have a good harvest. Bringing plant life into our studio offers a tactile reminder to our team to stay focused on keeping our client’s campaigns healthy and thriving.”

Cultivation is a very important concept for understanding Unleashed’s work. Unlike traditional media which focuses on upfront planning and strategy, online campaigns benefit from regular monitoring, testing, and optimization.

Unleashed Online Media will be hosting an Open House on Friday September, 20 from 3-7pm for those that would like a closer look at the space.  Please RSVP here or e-mail Felicia Reilly at

Our New Address: 1227 West Summit Parkway, Spokane, WA 99201


8 Comments » for Unleashed’s Dynamic New Workspace
  1. Ted Moon says:

    Be there or be square.

  2. Felicia Reilly says:

    It will be great to see you Ted!

  3. We look forward to the unveiling of Unleashed Online’s new office. Along with my obvious bias and pride in Chris’ talents, Spokane Consultants in Family Living is thankful for he and his team’s great work in helping us stay out front as this area’s number one adoption service.

  4. Felicia Reilly says:

    Thanks Maureen! We will see you next Friday.

  5. Donlee says:

    Dave and I look forward to attending your Open House Chris and Felicia. We are so proud of you guys and what you have accomplished and what is yet to come.

  6. Felicia Reilly says:

    Thanks Donlee! We will see you both on Friday.

  7. Hara Allison says:

    I WISH I could come see your new space! I’ll be traveling to a tennis match in Yakima, but know how happy I am for you and your success!

  8. Felicia Reilly says:

    Thanks Hara!

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