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Tuesday March, 5th

the First Annual


Internet trends are calculated in weeks, not months or even years. It’s hard for even seasoned leaders to keep up. Can you even remember the trends of 2012? As the amount of data available increases so does the time required to keep up with the constantly changing marketplace.

It doesn’t help that companies like Google and Facebook make sometimes daily changes to how they work with users and advertisers. There are currently 22 different ad formats on Facebook with new technologies being rolled out week by week.

Business Leaders and Marketers will benefit from having the perspective of a 16 year internet marketing veteran presenting on the major web and digital platform trends in 2013. Chris Reilly will share his vision on the major trends that are impacting manufacturing, education, retail, government, and advertising agencies. Featured Guest former congressman George Nethercutt will share his thoughts on digital outreach for civics education with The George Nethercutt Foundation. Lunch will be provided as well as useful materials to share with colleagues.  

The State of the Internet is about sharing ideas, challenging change, and discussion about how to take advantage of these trends within your own organizations. There is no pitching, only good ideas, good food, and great networking with local business leaders.

Tuesday March, 5th at The Lincoln Center

11:30 arrival and networking

12:00 lunch and presentation

12:30 open discussion

1:00 event close, ongoing networking

Register online now –  $25 online or $30 at the door

Questions: E-mail Felicia at felicia@unleashed-online.com or call us at 509-368-7337




4 Comments » for The State of the Internet
  1. Online Media says:

    Good information, thanks for share

  2. Jason says:

    Thanks for a great presentation Chris. I am glad I took the red pill.

  3. I am sorry I missed this. Please email me when another presentation comes along.

  4. Felicia Reilly says:

    Our next class is posted on our homepage and if you are on our newsletter list you will get all of the information for our Spring Class Series. Thanks!

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