Search advertising grabs the lion’s share of online advertising revenue for a reason: it works. Advertisers get consistent, highly measurable return on investment year after year with well-run PPC campaigns in Google and Bing. Yet, many advertisers fail to see ROI when they try search. Why?

1. Search Takes Persistence: Learning  which keywords are most commonly searched for by the target audience looks easy on the outset with Google AdWords Keyword Tool, or the new Keyword Planner. Yet, many firms waste thousands on poorly targeted keywords. Maybe showing up #1 for Dodge Durango feels good, but the costs are high and may draw the wrong audience. For example:  for every person looking to buy a Dodge Durango, there could be 5 looking for parts, 2 looking for photos, and another 15 auto dealers looking to compare inventory. We work with advertisers to select the right keywords, then continually optimize their keywords, bids, and ads to drive strong return on investment. 

2. Search Takes Creativity: While most people rightly think of PPC as a direct response medium, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t take imagination, guts, and a willingness to fail. Great search ads come from lots of experience and tons of testing. Sometimes the least likely ad to win on paper does amazing things in front of your target audience. We love pushing the envelope with your campaigns to find novel ways to get better results. 

3. Search Takes Tools: Try managing 150,000 keywords effectively with a laptop and a mouse- its a gargantuan task. That is why we work with the very best tools in the industry for bid management, optimization, and reporting. We’ve tried most of the off-the-shelf software and we still aren’t satisfied with how they work out of the box. Unleashed has several proprietary spreadsheets and tools we use to generate ever-greater ROI for our clients. We have the power tools to make small and large search campaigns work well. More importantly, we know how to use them.

4. Search Takes Experience: If you want to start making AdWords, Yahoo, or Bing campaigns shine, your first day on the job will be a doozy. There is a tremendous amount of control and power that search vendors offer to advertisers, but it takes time and tribal knowledge to learn how to use them effectively for different scenarios. You can learn those lessons on your own or use our years of experience to have us get it right faster, cheaper, and with far less headaches. We have made countless mistakes so you don’t have to. 

5. Search Takes a Team: Even though we’ve managed hundreds of campaigns across every vertical you can possibly imagine, your campaign is totally unique. Our team works together to best understand your objectives, your industry, your communications strategy, and your competitive landscape.  We employ a proactive account management strategy to regularly communicate with you on your terms to help the campaign be as successful as possible, while leveraging your time as much as possible.  We rely on your experience with your industry, and you rely on our experience with search engines. Together we prosper. 

We know search. Can we help you make your search campaign shine?

Here are some of the services we offer to our search clients:

  • Keyword Research
  • Competitive Research
  • Website analysis
  • Web form, eCommerce, and Phone call tracking
  • Ad Copywriting
  • Bid Management
  • Daily optimization
  • Integrated campaign management with social, display, and video.
  • Advanced Reporting
  • We don’t offer SEO services but play nicely with SEO companies and analysts

Our clients enjoy full access to their search campaign accounts with Google and Bing, and warm, friendly account management. This means no calling around the world for support, and no smoke and mirrors. We’re on your team.


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