Think Display Is Too Hard? Think Again.

Online display advertising is powerful and effective. It helps build brand awareness while driving measurable actions.

Search accounts for only about 7% of online activity.  Consumers can be reached with display advertising the other 93% of the time.

Did you know? Online Display Advertising is LOCAL- even on national sites. Our systems allow us to place ads that solely reach a local audience, right down to the zip code level.

Unleashed Online Media specializes in assisting agencies in their placement of local, independent businesses and non-profit organizations on high-profile, premium content sites like ESPN, Yahoo, and more, often for less than 1/10th of one penny per impression.

Some interesting things we can do with Display Advertising:

1. Display ads to your current customers or those who have already visited your site (called retargeting).

2. Run banner advertising campaigns that only charge for actions (such as e-mail sign ups, leads, or purchases), not clicks or impressions.

3. Split Test Different Advertising Messages– We prove which copy has the most impact in a dynamic environment with real customers.

4. Place 30 second commercials that play inside a 300×250 ad- without additional media costs.

Does that make you say “Wow?” It will once you see it in action, and your jaw will drop when you see the numbers.

Here are *some* of the places you’ll find our client’s ads on:

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