In the land of search engines, Google is king. Google uses complex algorithms to determine how websites rank in their search results. While they don’t share exactly what their criteria are for determining where a website will show up in their rankings, there are some things that we can be pretty certain about. One of these is that Google loves original content. When a keyword is typed into Google’s search engine, their little spiders go out and crawl websites looking for content that matches those keywords. However, they are smart and picky spiders that are looking at more than just keyword matching. Here’s a few of the things you should be aware of:

Google doesn’t like duplicate content. If your site has content that is copy and pasted from somewhere else on the web, including pages on your own website, that’s going to drag down your credibility and ultimately your rankings in search results.

Google doesn’t like content that is keyword heavy. Using an SEO strategy of adding keywords to your content is a great move to increase your rankings in search results, provided that you do it in a fashion that doesn’t come off as forced. In other words, if you read your content out loud and it sounds awkward to you, chances are that it sounds awkward to the spiders as well. That’s going to have a negative impact on your search results.

Google is a popularity contest. If your site gets a lot of traffic already, Google takes that as a sign that your popularity equals credibility. After all, if everyone else is happy with what they’re seeing on your site it must mean you know what you’re talking about, right? That’s what Google believes. And they might have a point. People aren’t going to continue to visit your website if you are offering content that is essentially fluff. By posting original content with substance you can take advantage of the opportunity to show your expertise in your field and increase your rankings in search results.

Google loves fresh content. Not only do you have to post original stuff that no one else has, you have to do it on a regular basis. The best way for you to accomplish this is to have a company blog on your website. This will allow you to regularly post original content on a variety of topics, and implement several keyword strategies, all without changing up the content on some of the more standard pages of your website all the time.

If you aren’t ranking within the first three or four organic (non-paid) search results on Google, chances are that no one is finding your website at all. Most people don’t even glance at anything past the first page of search results. Do you? Regularly posting original content to your website that includes your keyword strategies will help you increase your rankings in search results. Ranking higher in search results can help increase traffic to your website. That’s great news for your business! How do you plan to convert that increased traffic from visitors into warm leads and customers? If you don’t already have a plan, it’s time to think about lead generation. But that’s another blog…

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